Orient Journal of Medicine   
July-Dec 2016 | Vol 28 | Issue 3-4
The neglected role of intraoperative hypotension in causing postoperative acute kidney injury - a mandatory need for more preventative nephrology in general medical practice

It is a well acknowledged fact, and an unfortunate reality of life, that renal replacement therapy (RRT) in less developed countries such as ours, Nigeria, is often unavailable, and where available is usually prohibitively expensive, that it is often not...
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Intensive care unit admissions and outcome in a University Teaching Hospital: a 6-year review
Elizabeth O OGBOLI-NWASOR1, Evaristus C EZEMA2, Michael C EGBUNIWE3 Accepted: July 10th, 2016
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The practice of spinal anaesthesia in two tertiary hospitals in South-East Nigeria: a review of 100 cases Fidelis A ONYEKWULU,1 Arinze D NWOSU,2 Sampson U ANYA,2 Innocent C UGWU,2  Friday G OKONNA2 Accepted: July 20th, 2016
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Lower intestinal endoscopy: inaugural year experience from a private centre in Lagos, Nigeria
Aderemi O OLUYEMI1 Olufemi A OYEDEJI2 Adebanjo O BABAYOMI3 Accepted: August 3rd, 2016
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Sensitivity and specificity of the inner thigh, a site for Mantoux test
Joseph EZEOGU1, Anthony U AMADI1, Emeka C NWOLISA1, Robinson D WAMMANDA2 Accepted: September 18th, 2016
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Characteristics, predictors and prospect of lung function among male cigarette smokers in Sokoto metropolis, North-West Nigeria
Muhammad D ISAH1, Muhammad A MAKUSIDI1, AminuABBAS1, Juliana U OKPAPI2, Chibueze H NJOKU3, Abdullahi A ABBAAccepted: September 20th, 2016
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The presentation of tetanus in a tertiary health centre in Abakaliki, South-East Nigeria
Chukwuemeka O EZE Accepted: September 20th, 2016
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Nutrition knowledge of young, post-year one, non-biological science female students at a private university, Rivers State, Nigeria
Emmanuel C ENEMCHUKWU1, Samson O AGBAJEAccepted: September 24th, 2016
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Growing skull fractures in a developing country: a case series
Abdullahi O JIMOH, Mesi MATTHEW, Dung A GUGA, Afeez A  ARUNA Accepted: September 25th, 2016
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Open depressed skull fracture with embedded human tooth in the brain: a case report
Edward O KOMOLAFE, Oluwafemi F OWAGBEMI, Olumuyiwa A DADA Accepted: September 16th, 2016
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