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Orient Journal of Medicine                                                                                                                                    Vol 26 [1-2] Jan-June, 2014
Fresh Articles: Looking at New Perspectives in Health

Finally, in this edition, we had an article from anaesthesia. It had been long in coming. Ogboli-Nwasor sought to evaluate the knowledge of cardiopulmonary respiration amongst the anaesthetists. And what a find she made! Another novelty was a rejoinder by Okosa, et al, to an article in our previous edition which discussed the rate of physical illness among patients with mental disorders, describing the management of these co-morbidities as complex, and calling for prioritization.

A curious and grotesque vulval oedema during pregnancy, resulting from anaemic heart failure, was reported by Shehu, et al, while Sadiya and his team, discussed their experiences with gynaecological laparoscopy in a tertiary hospital in North-West Nigeria. Idris’ work assessed the medico-social problems of teenage hawkers in Kaduna, North-West Nigeria, whereas, discharge against medical advice [DAMA], a great challenge in a transiting civilization, was evaluated by Ndukwu, et al, amongst orthopaedic patients in Nnewi, South-East Nigeria. Chineke looked at the prevalence of alcohol consumption among undergraduates of Imo State University, while, related to that was the work by Achigbu, et al, on the relationship of drugs affecting the central nervous system to motorcycle road traffic accidents.

Agu, and her group studied the socio-demographic determinants of the knowledge of diabetes mellitus amongst civil servants in Onitsha-North Local Government Area, in South-East Nigeria. Ikeako’s article on
the pattern of premenstrual symptoms and their impact on the quality of life of pre-clinical medical students in Enugu, South-East Nigeria, finally gave the shield of this volume to the obstetricians and gynaecologists, once again.

Our review article
on the impact of urbanization and the health of our people was written by Nnebue, et al, who recognized a range of urban health hazards and associated health risks that cut across different sectors, including health, environment, energy, transportation, etc.

The 26th volume [1-2] of the Orient Journal of Medicine showcases a wide range of medical cases, becoming an interesting resource material for all health scholars. It throws up, also, a whole new perspective in the various topical issues that are quite novel in their contents.

On Saturday 3rd May, 2014 the Nigerian Medical Association [NMA] elected Dr Kayode Obembe as the President and leader of a new national executive committee, to run our national affairs for the next two years. The preceding team, led by Dr Osahon Enabulele, impacted quite remarkably on all aspects of our national life, and at a point, the nation was gasping for breath under the attendant innovations. Our Journal congratulates Enabulele’s team for a job well done, as she wishes the new team, led by Dr Obembe, a very fruitful tenure.

Jude-Kennedy C Emejulu
Editor-in-Chief, Orient Journal of Medicine
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