Pre-pubertal Bipolar Disorder                     Orient Journal of Medicine                   Vol 24 [1-2] Jan-June, 2012

Diagnostic and management challenges of pre-pubertal bipolar disorder in an eight-year old Nigerian child: a case report and review of literature
Olayinka ATILOLA1
Tolulope BELLA-AWUSAH1,2
Olayinka OMIGBODUN1,2

1Department of Psychiatry
University College Hospital Ibadan, Nigeria

2Department of Psychiatry
College of Medicine
University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Author for Correspondence
Dr. Olayinka O Atilola
Department of Psychiatry
University College Hospital
Ibadan, Nigeria
Phone: +2348063867269
Received: February 23rd, 2012 Accepted for Publication: April 20th, 2012
An eight-year old boy presented with a 1-week history of poor sleep, over activity and claiming that parents wanted to use him for rituals. He was admitted unto the male psychiatry ward and while on admission he was overactive and disruptive, irritable, grandiose and dis-inhibited with loss of age-appropriate social grace. To our knowledge, this is the youngest age that bipolar disorder has been reported in Nigeria. The diagnostic and management challenges were highlighted.

Keywords: Child and adolescent mental health, diagnosis, mania
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